Arydox: Project Golden Hawk

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Ordering answers

How much does this game cost?

The cost of the full version is $19.95.

Where can I order the full version?

You can order it from, one of the world's largest shareware registration service. You are redirected to their checkout page immediately when your press the full version button in the demo's menu or on this website.

I've seen on the ShareIt site that the delivery/shipping type is email. What does it mean?

You will get a normal text-only e-mail in which you get your license code. You have to save that e-mail as a text file into the game folder under the filename license.txt. That's all.

What will I get after ordering?

After you have ordered the full version and ShareIt charged your credit card you will get an e-mail from them containing your license code. Save the e-mail with the license code into the game folder under the filename license.txt. It unlocks all levels in the shareware version, no additional downloads required.

Is the ordering method secure? uses a secure method for processing your order. More info about the security here.

Is this game a shareware?

Yes, this game is a shareware. You can download it, try it and if you like it you can order your license code that unlocks all the levels in the game. Ordering your license takes not more than five minutes.

Gaming answers

I feel the game a bit hard, what can I do?

You can change the difficulty level from the game menu. Choose DIFFICULTY from the top level menu and set up the appropriate difficulty level. Or you can try the cheat codes to practice...

Is there a way to change the default resolution?

Yes, you can choose the resolution in the OPTIONS/VIDEO OPTIONS/RESOLUTION menu.

Is there a way to run the game fullscreen?

You can find the switch in the OPTIONS/VIDEO OPTIONS/FULL SCREEN menu.

Are there cheat codes for this game?

Yes, they are enumerated in the readme.txt distriuted with the game. Press C at the main menu and type the code you want. You can combine cheat codes by typing them one-by-one before you start the game. The codes are valid for one play only.

I feel mouse movements too slow, what is the reason of it?

The game can be played using cursor keys and the mouse. To make movements "realistic" and give players equal chance we had to limit the speed of mouse movements.

Is there a way to display the FPS?

Start the game using the -fps command line option and after quitting see the fps_stats.txt file in your game folder. The lines in it will tell you the speed of your machine. The game is limited to 40 FPS so you won't get higher results even on a supercomputer... To turn off this limitation and measure the real power of your machine use -benchmark option (this works in the Linux version ONLY).

Is Arydox hardware accelerated?

Yes. By default it tries to start in fullscreen and hardware accelerated mode. Arydox uses openGL hardware acceleration so to enjoy the benefits of it your video driver should also support openGL.

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