Arydox: Project Golden Hawk


In the past, conquering the universe was a painfully slow process for the human race. Giant starships containing whole human worlds travelled through space for hundreds of years to reach a planet that can be terraformed. During this slow process all communication with the home civilization was impossible. These worlds are developed totally independently and finally the cultural diversity between distant civilizations ( although these are all human ) became very high. The only common thing was the urge to travel and conquer new worlds...

By the time physicists discover the methods that made travelling faster than light possible nearly all planets of our galaxy had been conquered. And because of the nature of this discovery, the diverse human civilizations quickly find themselves in a demolishing 'world war'.

The sector called Arydox is a small part of our galaxy where three human civilizations fighting each other for the conquest of all planets of the sectors. All of them are children of the original conquerors who called themselves 'The Clan'. All of them choosen a clan name. And all of them think that the Arydox sector is their own heritage...

But some day a sole scout came from somewhere out of the sector. Nobody knew whether this ship was an alien one or belongs to another far human civilization. But all the clans agree that the ship codenamed 'Golden Hawk' should be destroyed before it escapes from the sector...

The clans


This clan uses biotechnology to solve the technical problems they face. They developed genetically modified inhuman ( and sometimes human ) creatures mixed with high-tech machines to conquer the planets. Used as warriors or fighting machines these creatures are deadly opponents.


The Darklife people had built a technocratic civilization using high-tech machines only. They prefer the automated machinery as a solution for every problem so they have the best computers with the highest quality AI. The clan's name origins are not known but legends say this is the name of their legendary first leader.


The Conquerors 'design' their society and genetically modify the people of each class to fit their body to the needs. The modification sometimes can be so strange that other clans' people think the Conquerors are even inhuman creatures or aliens. They also use high-tech machinery. Combining the abilities of their soldiers designed for fight and quality fighting machines makes them the most dangerous opponents in the battles fought for the sector.

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