Primary mission: entertain

There are trends in the computer game industry to bring computer games to the market that are more and more realistic, provide a fully 3D environment and so on. The only thing that is often missing from a computer game is the real fun. Do you have more fun just because your newest game uses DirectX9 pixel shader technology to render the 3D graphics? The result of these trends is that the old and proven game genres the hardcore players know from the good old days (the days of the C64, AMIGA, old PCs and so on...) are ignored by big game companies. You can sometimes download freeware retro games from the Internet but these games often have poor quality. Our mission is to bring back the proven genres into the market at the highest quality we can provide. Superb, raytraced 2D graphics, CD quality sound and music is our standard.

Secondary mission: help small developers

Being a developer company we know all the possible difficulties that arise when you start your business. Buying expensive tools for game development is not the way everyone can walk on when starting up the business. We develop a lot of inhouse tools and these tools will become cheap commercial programs when they reach their stable version. For example, Arydox: Project Golden Hawk utilized a 3D modeling and rendering system, a small tree modeler add-on and a sound effect generator all developed in-house. By making these tools public we want to help other developers to come up with their own ideas without spending thousands of dollars for professional tools at the startup.

Marketing partners

You can find the list of our shareware marketing partners here.

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