ANVIL - 3D modeling and rendering system

ANVIL is an easy-to-use 3D modeling system. It provides most of the basic features you need to create raytraced 3D graphics for your 2D game. Object generating methods are:

  • sphere, box, cylinder, cone, truncated cone, rounded cylinder, rounded box,
  • bezier curves,
  • object of revolution, extrude curve, sweep curve, lofter, pipe, object multiplication,
  • CSG operations.

You can group, name and transform your objects and edit their material and texturing properties. ANVIL can export into some 3D file formats also. The system contains a 3D renderer, you write a small script and leave your machine the rest.
ANVIL is now in alpha state, the main stress test is the ARYDOX project itself. The graphics for this website you are viewing currently were also created with this system. This tool will be finalized after ARYDOX is released.

Tree modeler

A small utility added to the ANVIL system. It reads a short script and generates (grows) a tree using the parameters given in the script. The output is written into a .mdl file, which is ANVIL's native file format. On the screenshot you can see a generated tree loaded into ANVIL.

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